Welcome to Scale at RAF Barkston Heath where can see and experience the scale modelers art at their finest and flying hopefully of the same standard!

This year we have RC Scale in three disciplines, Flying Only – Stand Off (where the model has a static score added to the flying score) and the International Class of F4C where the craftsmanship of the model is dissected in glorious or painful detail. Control Line Scale in two disciplines F4B to the same criteria as F4C in RC and Flying only, and of course the Free Flight event has three disciplines, IC, Rubber and CO2/Electric.

All the RC Scale action is based around the intersection of the two main runways behind the Trade and Food areas with the Scale Tent as the fulcrum, here the models are judged and up to date scores visible. Free Flight models are flown in this same area after 6.00pm where the “crazy” of our great sport release their masterpieces into the air to be at the mercy of the Barkston “breeze” and hope for the happy landings we all crave. Controlled mayhem is a good description of this exciting spectacle and not to be missed!

Control Line Scale takes place within the control line area and makes a wonderful contrast to the speed and frantic excitement of the general control line activity.

Scale modelling in the BMFA includes all aeromodelling disciplines – Radio Control (RC), Control Line (CL), and Free Flight (FF) both indoors and out for fixed wing and helicopters plus Glider Scale events.

Except for Flying Only events most of the aircraft you will see have been the subject of scrutiny by the Static Judges in the Scale Tent. For this group of modelers, it is like a visit to the dentist! All smiles from the dentist until they say “open wide” = (will you place your model onto the judging table) and then the they prod and poke with varying degrees of pain after which the dreaded pronouncement of the work required to bring your mouth / model up to an acceptable standard. So, if you see a really sad look on the face of a competitor spare them a thought and give them a smile.

Whilst for those competing at the Nationals it is the peak of our competition year, like all model flyers at clubs all over the country we do this for fun! All of us are also normal club flyers. We speak, we smile so come along and feel free to talk to us about what you see and perhaps your own projects no matter how big or small, we all have something to learn from each other.

For most visitors to the Scale Areas it is often a mystery how the flights you see are being judged and scored as there are so many different aircraft flying so many different maneuvers. In the simplest of terms, the pilots are attempting to replicate maneuvers the full size aircraft of their model could fly in the way the full size aircraft could perform them. So you will see for example loops of different sizes and shapes that may all score well even though they are not the same – a Tiger Moth loop will look totally different to that performed by a Spitfire and yet flown as per the aircraft was capable of, will score the same.

If you like what you see and would be interested in learning more about the models you have seen (and if you must the pilots and our mishaps along the way), pop your details in one of the boxes in the scale area and we can email you our Scale Newsletter to make you smile particularly on those dark winter evenings. We can also attend your club nights to talk all things Scale and hopefully entertain a little too. Once again if you are interested pop your details into one of the boxes in the Scale Area. Our website is where a full range of information is available or you can email me directly at

Above all enjoy your time on the Scale Flight Lines and thanks for visiting us.

Mike Sollitt