Free Flight Jamboree

For 2019 we will be continuing with the changes as introduced last year.

The evening free flight will not start until 6.30pm and all those wishing to take part should meet at the “muster point”, which will be clearly signed and is also shown on the airfield map. Wait for the marshalls to take you across to the free flight area which will, subject to weather conditions, be located on the grassed area somewhere across from the showline display area.  Please do not confuse the free flight jamboree with the scale free flight contest that will be taking place near the runway intersection by the scale flght line.


There will be a clearly marked launching area; this area is the only area where launches will be permitted. There will also be a roped crowd line for spectators located upwind of the launch area.

Do remember that we are still bound by the Air Navigation Order when flying free flight models; the following 2 articles are not optional!

Article 94(2). The person in charge of a small unmanned aircraft may only fly the aircraft if reasonably satisfied that the flight can safely be made.

Article 241.  A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property.

Before you launch ask your self “Is it safe to do so?”

For 2019 we have a maximum weight restriction of 500g imposed on us. Please do not attempt to launch a model heavier than this. There will be spot checks for model weight.

Please note that you enter the evening free flight area at your own risk.

If taking part, please ensure that your model is trimmed to fly in a stable flight pattern before you turn up, and listen to the guidance of the marshalls who will be easily spotted in yellow hi-viz vests and red BMFA caps. Abuse of the marshalls will not be tolerated.  Anyone who does so, or who contninues to fly in an unsafe manner after a warning, will be escorted from the field for the remainder of the Nationals.

Free Flight radio assist is permitted but MUST be used in the spirit of free flight. That is to say, the majority of the flight time is WITHOUT radio assistance, radio only being used to change the model’s direction from one that would see it leaving the confines of the free flight area into an unsafe area. Radio assist must be 2.4GHz and a maximum of 2 channel control. You may be asked to demonstrate your radio assist before launch. Marshalls will be making spot checks on those flying radio assist.

Anyone launching must have proof of insurance with them, you may be asked to show your insurance documents. No proof = no fly, no exceptions!


Consider carefully where you park. No parking will be permitted on the grassed area between the runways to the right (east) of the runway intersection after 6pm. This is for your beneift to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicles. If you are camping, leave your vehicles in the camp site please. If a day visitor, do consider where you are parking and look for the marked Free Flight Parking area which will be selected on the day subject to weather conditions. If you are asked by a marshal to move your vehicle please do so without question.


For spectators and those not in the process of launching please ensure you are spectating from a position upwind of the launch square behind the roped safety line.

General Safety

Do not take alcohol into the free flight area and ensure you do not leave any litter or other FOD behind when you leave.

Finally, we hope you have some very enjoyable and safe free flight sessions.

Andy Symons
Safety Team Leader